beading / necklace

Classy Necklace

It is decided! I will share with you some of the stuff I make in the creative in-between-time that I sometimes find. (Unfortunately, I never have enough of this in-between-time!) With all the awesome stuff I see on other blogs, I feel reluctant to post any of my own work. But still I do belong to those people who are proud of creating something—be it as tiny as it may—and then show it to the first available person who couldn’t run away fast enough, usually friends and family. 😀

It took me some time to decide where to start, but now here is my current favorite: a simple but elegant necklace that I made last year on a gray autumn evening to cheer me up:


I wore it today and two people complimented me on it independently of each other. I am proud as can be! I think the necklace does not look too hand made (what I like about it) and I find it elegant because it has some bling with all the little golden beads, but still has a low-key design.


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