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Gaiters – With Pattern

Warm legs in winter? Usually difficult for me, because the boots are too wide and let all the warmth out and the cold air in. Instead of waiting for a boot manufacturer to produce the correct size for my legs, I started knitting these leg warmers. With a set of 5,5 mm needles and four or five free evenings, they were finished in the blink of an eye. For this project I actually wrote a pattern. I hope that it is good enough for other people to repeat it! Stulpen Cable Pattern Gaiters

  1. You need a set of 5,5 mm needles (US 9), I used a set of 5
  2. Yarn suitable for 5.5 mm needles
  3. Cast on 56 (or check for a few rows if this fits for your legs). The pattern needs a multiple of 8.
  4. Close the circle.
  5. Start knitting in rounds with 2 knits and 2 purls in turns: *2k 2p 2k 2p*. I write it this way because the pattern unit is 8. (Everything between * and * has to be repeated).
  6. I used 6 rows of this edge pattern, you might want to adapt it to your needs. Keep track of the beginning to be able to count full rounds!
  7. Now start the cables. Make sure you start at the beginning of a new row, that is, with two knits. From now on, (2k 2p 2k 2p) will be turned into: *6k 2p*. Try to knit big knits, because if they get too tight, the cable pattern will be hard to complete later on. Complete 3 rounds.
  8. Take the first 3k of the 6k and store them on an extra needle. I have an extra cable needle that has a dent (to make sure that you don’t lose the 3 knits). Drop the new needle carefully behind the current row. Then go on the with second 3k as if they were the first 3k. Then, with a little patience and persuasive power knit the 3k from the cable needle. Add the 2p after this. Repeat with the next unit.
  9. Knit six rounds of *6k 2p* and go to step 8.
  10. Repeat this until the desired length is finished. I knitted 10 cable patterns. After the last turn, add 3 more rounds of *6k 2p*.
  11. Start the edge pattern *2k 2p 2k 2p* at the beginning of the row.

If you publish this pattern, I ask you to link back to my post to share it with others. Happy knitting! 🙂 You can also download a PDF file here: Pattern-Gaiters.


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