sewing / shawl

Purlbee’s Long Pom Pom Cowl

This is a project from last summer/autumn. After a nice day with lots of sun and a nice coffee and some hours of  strolling through a textiles market, I found myself with a huge amount of new fabrics. Among them were two cotton fabrics, one gray with a lace pattern and another with batik colors and embroidering. The gray is not single-colored but rather with lighter and darker pieces.

After searching for ideas what to do with them (and easy ideas, too, to finish fast) I stumbled over a page with a lot of tutorials. It seemed perfect for me! The webpage was and I immediately liked the long pom pom cowl. A complete tutorial with lots of photos and a very easy-to-understand description can be found on the page. I started right away and sewed two cowls, one with pom poms like in the tutorial, and one without. Actually, I made three of them in one session (two of the gray fabric), and one has found a new home already :-).

pompomSchalGrau PompomSchalGruen

The green one looks a bit too colorful, but it may make a good combination with single-color shirts. The gray one is definitely easy to combine with many shirts I have. I guess I will find a lot more ideas on the purlbee’s webpage! If only I had enough time to start working right away!


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