Baby Kimono

I have been searching the internet for easy patterns to sew something for the little one. This is one of the patterns I found: a baby kimono.

My first version is a flannel kimono. The size is 0-6 month after the tutorial by Amy Finlayson. You can find the tutorial on this page: In the original pattern, the binding is also made from matching fabric. But instead of making my own binding I just bought some that would fit in color. It is also not straight but bias binding which makes it easier to curve around the edges. The result is really tiny, and I am wondering if anyone could really fit in there…?


The pattern is really easy. You can fasten both front pieces of the binding on the sides; one on the inside and one on the outside.


It took maybe three and a half hours to finish from drawing the pattern to finishing the edges.

I like it a lot, let’s just hope that the little one will like it as much! and that it is really as easy to put on as I am imagining it to be! Iam now going to get some new fabric for another one…


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