Crinkle Squares

Once started, sewing is real fun! It is especially nice to sew a fast piece of work after knitting for ages to finish some small piece. Sewing is so much faster than the other crafts! Well, depending on the level of detail of the project. I just choose nice and easy ones for the fun of it. Here, yet another fast and easy one:

Crinkle Squares!

They are made of two outer layers of fabric, some ribbons, and crinkly stuff on the inside.

What are they good for? I don’t really know.

I think that babies like them because they make crinkle sounds. This way, they can probably train their ear directional response pattern. Anyway, I have seen babies spending hours with nothing but crinkly stuff to enjoy. These are my interpretations of this pattern:

Front sides:

crinkle squares front view

crinkle squares front view

and back:

crinkle squares back view

crinkle squares back view


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