patchwork / sewing

Cover for Maternal Health Passport

All mothers-to-be seem to carry their maternal health passport in some fancy cover. All but one…

…but no more! Today I got some motivation to try out a tutorial for a cover (missmargerite) and I also found a bunch of nice fabrics. The colorful one actually was lying around for a long time (you know those fabrics that you REALLY like and because of that don’t want to waste? And then you end up not using them at all?) and the other ones were rests from a log-cabin quilt I made some time ago in all blue fabrics.

I not only tried a new tutorial but also a new sewing machine. It is a hell of a machine. It can sew for sure, but it has so many stitches for it… and then the quilting feature. That one is actually the reason that I am trying to learn how to use it. But it just seems so complicated compared to my old Singer tradition… In the old times I would just connect the power cord, add some thread, start sewing. But with THIS thing? Well, read the booklet (loads of paper), try to figure out where to put all the thread, try to figure out which foot I need, try to figure out with which of the assumedly 1000 buttons to change to the straight stitch and then how to change the length of the stitches…

Suffice it to say, it took longer to get the machine running than to get the fabric cut and pressed! This is also the reason why I did not change the obviously wrong stitching on the inside (I was trying to figure out how to make this thing go backwards… obviously, I was not successful at first). I am quite happy with the star stitching on the front though, it is one of those 112 fancy stitches that the machine does by itself.

Next time anyone needs to the see the passport, they will be looking at one proud mother-to-be!



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