beading / crocheting

A Big Project

This is my newest project. And I guess, it will be my only project for quite some time! The beads are really TINY, and really MANY! The project is to crochet 1.50 m with a size 1 mm crochet needle in circles. The result is (if it should at all resemble the original with my clumsy hands and all) amazing. Look at the originals: Aren’t they awesome?

Can you imagine how I stood in front of the booth full of these magnificent necklaces and tried to decide which one I wanted to buy? Well, after months, I finally went to the web page and bought the packet with beads and yarn and a many-paged instruction book.

In the picture, you already see the first four rounds. But these are already the fifth trial… I guess, that from this point on the rest will go more easily. But the first rounds had me swearing badly! So, now only 149 cm left to go… keep your fingers crossed for me!



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