Ketchup and Mayonnaise

A real shirt! And one I am going to wear, too. 🙂 Though it is not perfect…

Another session with Josefa and the sewing machine, and a fun result: my plan was to make a shirt after a certain pattern from pattydoo; the shirt “Elaine”. It is not symmetrical and hence the pattern has to be placed carefully if the fabric is not the same from both sides. The pattern is perfect for fabrics with stripes because they will be horizontal at the top and have a nice curvature at the bottom of the shirt. Guess what I did?

Yes, some things went completely wrong. The fabric has stripes (check!). But there was not enough of it, so I had to shorten the pattern and add pieces later to get the correct length. Well, the stripes on the fabric don’t match and the nice curvature has some edges. But hey – it is a handmade shirt, so what?

I had to shorten the sleeves, too, each by 2 centimeters. But that is actually quite good (check!).

Then, after all this planning (check!), I produced the same pattern twice (oh, no!). Remember, that the pattern is asymmetric? Yeah, you need to turn it around before placing it the second time. This turned out to be a bigger problem. But it was solved by gathering the longer side to make it match the shorter side. Twice. This way, the shirt twists around me. It almost looks like this was planned… (check?)

Last but not least, the hemline was planned to be in the color of one of the stripes, but there was not enough fabric. Can you find the hemline that does not match? 😉

And in the middle of the last seam, the yarn went out… 😦

After trying it on, I saw that it could easily be one or two sizes smaller (but not shorter). So maybe, there would have been enough fabric after all? Probably not.

Next time around, I will use the pattern one size smaller, maybe get enough fabric before shrinking it in the washing machine, and figure out the asymmetric pattern before cutting the fabric. And above all, choose colors that do not look like ketchup and mayonnaise :-D.



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