Yarn Leftovers

I have so many projects in the working or already finished – can’t seem to get them all on the blog! Well, here is the latest project:

After finishing my hat, I could not figure out what else to do with the yarn leftovers, so I just went on knitting another hat. This one was planned small enough to fit the baby and because I could not figure out how to scale down the pattern, I just went with stripes. The width of the pattern is 6 knits so that the total number of knits in a round should be something times 6, but the height cannot be adapted so easily. The finished size is even a bit too large for the baby so that it might fit some time later (probably in June or July :-)). It is funny how two years ago I thought that knitting a hat was probably the most complicated thing in the world, and yet here I am am knitting just for fun two hats in a row, and even adapting the size! Who would have thought… *yay*




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