Cosy Baby Blanket for the Car AND the Wrap

Until recently, I always had to put a huge amount of clothes on the baby before going outside. Now, I have this baby wrap blanket from here. It can be used in the car seat and in the wrap which is extremely helpful! A big thank you to the inventors of this blanket! There is enough room for the baby arms to move around and still be cosy and warm, the legs are warm, the whole baby is warm and cosy in there.

It was quite complicated to get the original blanket over the ocean with the help from a friend, so I made a similar one myself for backup (the first one seemed to be in the laundry all the time). I only had black fabric but that looked a bit sad, so I added some hearts and a smiley face. I got the fabric and the paper for the appliqués from a friend: thanks a lot! And I used colored Kam Snaps instead of the usual buttons. I like the result!


This is only the second time that I did an appliqués but I am starting to get the hang of it: free-style smiley:


and hearts (still trying to figure out which stitch to use):

IMG_0477The blanket can be closed with the green Kam Snaps and the blue one can be used to make a hood instead of a collar. A really helpful thing in the wrap!


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