Dear Jane – My First Quilt

I guess that, usually, the first quilt that one makes is a small one or an easy one with large pieces. Well, one that can be finished after a short period of time and that can be used as a blanket or a bedcover. Actually, I never was a fan of patchwork. But then again, maybe that was because at my age nobody was doing any crafts. It just seemed to be for the elderly ladies.

But one day, when I walked through yet another patchwork store with my mum (seems like ages ago now) bored to the point of frustration, I went to the bookshelf and picked a nice yellowish book that seemed to be pretty enough to entertain me for a while. I sat down and started reading the introduction and looked at the zillions of tiny pieces that had been put together for the Dear Jane quilt. I don’t know why, but I was pretty impressed by the pictures and the dedication that that woman must have had to put together such a great work. Actually, I decided there and then that I also wanted to make such a quilt. Not just any quilt; that quilt.

I was aware that this would take years to finish. I had watched my mum and her friends piece together a bunch of quilts over the years and none of them seemed to be really finished. Ever. Always something left to do. So I wanted just such a project. To work on from time to time and maybe never to finish. But here we are, I finished my Dear Jane and it keeps me warm when I knit my socks :-D.

In that quilt store–I think it was somewhere in the Netherlands, don’t quite remember–I started right away and picked some fabrics to make a start. Later on, my mum would give me some of her precious patchwork fabrics. But only after seeing that I was not entirely talent-free and that I was actually making good progress. And another reason may have been that each block only needed a small amount of fabric plus some background. For the background I just chose cheese cloth (untreated cotton) because it was cheaper than the rest. Plus, the colored fabrics get a nice offset from that background.

In the end, I did not complete the whole thing. But I got a bunch of pretty blocks and then decided to make a quilt out of them. I will show you one block at a time, and a view of the complete thing in the end. (The new square format of my phone helps taking pictures of blocks. Did they intend to do that for quilters?) I hope you enjoy the pictures!

Here is number one, top left corner:



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