Dear Jane – Block 2

As you can see on the images, the complete quilt is handmade. Pieced together with paper piecing technique and quilted by hand. There is only one seam that was done with a machine; the first seam of the binding. This seemed to make it more even. But to close the binding on the top, I hand-stitched it. Can you guess how many years it took to finish?

To continue the blocks: this is block 2 from the first row of the quilt:

IMG_0467The quilting of the blocks is just what came to me in that moment. I did not look at the original. For some it was quite clear how to quilt them, for some I just started somewhere and looked later what came out. This one seems to be one of the latter. I do not have the Dear Jane book here now, so I have no clue what the names of the blocks are. But the Dear Jane enthusiasts out there will know that :-).


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