Four Shirts And A Jacket

Update: now with pictures. Don’t really know what went wrong the first time…?

Good thing: time to take pictures. Bad thing: weather/light not really good for taking pictures. Will post anyway. 😉

I show you some shirts that are (finally!) long enough! Because I made them long enough :-). The pattern is the “renfrew shirt” that I found on pinterest. The pattern is really a good fit. It is easy to sew and fits without further ado. Here are my first versions:

“Pretty in pink”

“Apple Green Shirt”

and the should-I-really-show-this?/not-enough-fabric shirt “Beam me up, Scotty!”

After I finished the Renfrew shirts, I wanted a new shape. And so I copied the pattern from one of my favorite shirts in the wardrobe. And then I didn’t know how to correctly shape the sleeves, so I looked and found the “easy tee” from itsalwaysautumn. To be precise, the raglan sleeve version. I followed the instructions and finished my first raglan shirt. This one is going to be a favorite!

And last but not least, I also sewed a jacket for the cold but not so windy winter days. It is made from double-face fleece and is REALLY warm. The pattern I used had a zipper instead of the buttons. But I usually don’t like zippers on longer shirts or jackets because they buckle when I sit. So, instead, I used some Kam Snaps. In bold yellow. 🙂


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