Flower Power Shirt

Hello, again! The pictures on my last post got me motivated to sew another shirt. The fabric was waiting and now that I saw that it was actually not so bad to sew my own shirts, and that I would actually wear them, I decided to get started on the

Flower Power Shirt, using my self-made raglan shirt pattern (look at the perfect V-neck!):

and since the machine was already running, I finished another project: two long shirts from three short shirts:

You may get the impression that pink is my favorite color… Well, until now, I always thought my favorite color was teal but the pictures tell a different story… 😀

While sewing these projects, I learned an important lesson: even though I may think that I am smarter than everyone else, it is not really smart to use cheap yarn. It only makes the projects more tedious. The thread will get stuck in the machine or just break in the middle of a seam. Even the most expensive sewing machine cannot handle that b***y cheap yarn that I bought some time ago. (May the producer go straight to h***! It cost me ten times more time to repair the seams than to sew them!!). Lesson learned. Never ever use cheap yarn again.

But the results came out fine and I am looking forward to sewing new Renfrew shirts soon!

Sunny greetings, minchen


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